1936 Third Reich Postcard Twice Signed by SS General Sepp Dietrich


The postcard is approximately 3 1/2 by 5 3/8 inches. The postcard depicts a banquet hall in which NSDAP and Olympic Banners are displayed. In the lower left of the photograph can be seen two young men wearing the short white jackets with black collar tabs of the “SS Ordonnanzen Kommando”, who served as waiters at dinner functions of the SS and higher party leadership. This suggests that the dining hall seen in the photograph had been set for a dinner of such individuals, possibly an occasion on which the members of the SS who were participating in the 1936 Olympic games gathered. Sepp Dietrich, as the Commander of the “Liebstandarte Adolf Hitler”, certainly would have been in attendance at such a dinner. The postcard is boldly signed “Sepp Dietrich” in ink on the obverse. The reverse is also signed, in pencil, “Heil Hitler Sepp Dietrich 9. II. 36.”. Above this signature, in another hand, is written “Olympische Winterspiel” (“Winter Olympics”) and what appear to be the initials “S.D. 1936”. The reverse of the postcard also bears a photographer’s identification stamp. Excellent condition.


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