1916 M1898/05 Butcher Blade Bayonet From Verdun


The bayonet is a “Butcher Blade” pattern Model 1898/05 of the “old style”, with a partial muzzle ring and originally lacking a flash guard. The bayonet was period modified in that the blade, originally a “sawback” style, had the teeth removed. Additionally, a flash guard was placed on the back strap of the grip. The blade is bright, with old, dried,. oil on the surfaces. The ricasso is manufacturer marked “Deutsche Maschinenfabrik A-G, Duisburg”. The leather washer is in place at the top of the ricasso. The pommel and crossguard have a toned and uncleaned appearance. The spine of the bayonet is marked with the crown and Kaiser cypher of “W” over the date of “16”, indicating manufacture in 1916. The leather scabbard is in excellent condition. The back strap on the grip was engraved, obviously in the field, with the German declaration of “Vor Verdun bei Douaumont”. This translates to “In front of Verdun at Douaumont”. Fort Douaumont was the largest and highest fort on the ring of 19 large defensive forts protecting the city of Verdun during the battle there from February to December of 1916.


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