WWII Theater Made French Airborne Regiment Trumpet Banner


A World War II theater-made trumpet banner for one of the most decorated airborne units of the period, the French “1st Regiment Chasseur Parachutistes”, or 1st R.C.P.

The unit was raised in North Africa in 1943 after the liberation of French North Africa in Operation Torch. The 1st RCP trained and fought with the U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne Division in World War II. The unit also made a night parachute drop on Dien Bien Phu during the siege of that city in the French Vietnam war, and it fought in Algeria during the civil war there. It is one of the most decorated units in the French military.

The banner is multi piece wool construction with gold bullion fringe. The hangers are the beaded style with metal buckles that were used on pre-WWII French military trumpet banners. It is approximately 9 by 12 inches in size, exclusive of the fringe. It is in very good used condition with a few spots as would be expected from use by the unit in the theaters of operations. There are two small, dark spots above the “R” and “C” and this appears to be where a French medal bar was affixed to the banner, most likely having been the first Croix de Guerre that the unit was awarded and which was displayed on the banner for a period of time.

A rare and impressive piece of World War II airborne history.

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