WWII Period Poster of Samurai Warrior Masamune


A Japanese poster from the period of the Second world War which features a photograph of the statue of famed 16th century samurai warrior Date Masamune. The text sets forth what were reputed to be Matsamune’s dying instructions. The poster has multiple fold lines and measures approximately 10 by 30 inches. The poster has some wear at the corners and there is a separation on one of the fold lines, but the poster is complete. The text of the poster, with Matsamune’s directives, states as follows:
“Too much benevolence causes weakness
Too much righteousness causes inflexibility
Too much respect becomes flattery
Too much knowledge leads to lies
Too much belief leads to a loss of sincerity
Take a leisurely pace with calm mind, while economizing in every case to save money for preparation.
The way of thriftiness is to endure various inconveniences; however, you do not feel any hardship once you consider yourself as a visitor to this worldYou shall have every meal by speak well of it even it is unpalatable.
As long as you are in a position of a temporal visitor to this world, speaking of likes and dislikes is not worth mentioning.
Let go of the passing day, exchange greetings with your descendants and brothers, with the words of taking your leave for this world.”

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