WWII Japanese Personal Flag Signed by an Imperial Navy Vice Admiral with Shrine Stamps


A multi piece construction cotton flag with a separate rising sun. Approximately 29 by 32 inches in size. The flag has some spots but it is without holes or tears. The corners on the hoist edge are reinforced and have string ties. The flag bears the handwritten declaration of “Loyally Protect the Foundation of Imperial Rule”, followed by “For Mr Hiroshi Okami”. This is then signed by “Navy Vice Admiral Togari Takamoto”. The shrine seal is that of the Jinja [shrine] located in Akita City, Akita prefecture, and with a seal for buun chōkyū. We have shown a photograph of Admiral Takamoto that appears in the Wikipedia entry for “Admirals of the Imperial Japanese Navy” and a photo of the Akita Shrine. The flag was undoubtedly signed after November 15, 1939, because that is when Takamoto was appointed a Vice Admiral. Overall very good to excellent condition.

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