WWII Japanese Civil Defense Mess Kit / Rice Cooker in Carrying Harness


WWII Japanese Civil Defense mess kit / rice cooker being somewhat smaller and carried in a cloth harness rather than by a wire handle as usually seen. The set measures approximately 6 inches by 4 inchesĀ  by 4 inches. The exterior shows wear to the olive brown paint. The kit is complete with the lid and the interior tray, with both the lid and tray intended to be used as eating trays. The fabric carrying harness remains with the kit, although the shoulder strap was torn and the fabric harness seems to have shrunk just enough so that the fabric strap that was intended to go over the lid and buckle to a strap on the front of the harness does not now reach completely to the buckle, although with some careful stretching of the fabric this might be made possible. The metal buckles and eyelets on the straps show the typical rust.


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