WWII Japanese Army Imperial Guard Photo Album


A large format photograph album containing approximately 44 photographs of varying sizes, though most are a larger side of 3 by 4 inches or larger. The photographs include an original image of Emperor Hirohito on horseback. There is also a photograph of what was presumably the Emperor’s personal railroad car. There appear to be several photographs taken on the Imperial grounds as well as photographs taken in the field. In many of the photos is can be clearly seen that the soldiers on their caps wear the insignia of the Army Imperial Guard. The cover of the album itself is decorated with the Imperial Guard insignia embossed in gilt. Many of the photographs have captions that are handwritten in kanji. There is one photograph of a senior General in uniform who wears the neck decorations for both the Order of the Rising Sun and the Order of the Sacred Treasure, and he wears as well a six place medal bar that includes the World War I Victory Medal and the Showa Enthronement Medal. The album has an overall size of 10 by 14 inches and shows wear on the covers.


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