WWII Era King George VI Scottish Basket Hilt Broadsword


The sword has an overall length in the scabbard of approximately 40 inches, with a blade length of approximately 32 inches. The blade is etched with decorative motifs on each side, including Scottish thistles. One side of the blade bears the monogram of King George VI, while the other side includes an etch of a shield bearing the Royal Arms of Great Britain (which includes the three British lions, the single lion of Scotland, and the harp of Ireland), surrounded by the motto “Honi soit qui mal y pense” (“Shame on him who thinks evil of it”, the motto of the Order of the Garter ).  The blade generally bright, with clear etched designs, although the top 1 inch of the ricasso has a coating of light surface rust. The skin grip is dry and the wire wrapping of the grip is broken. The basket guard shows a coating of verdigris, and the scabbard has a film of light surface rust over most of its surfaces. Sword would certainly benefit from a careful cleaning.

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