WWI 1917 Militarpass and 1937 Third Reich Wehrpass and 1943 Military Retirement Certificate of One Man


The Imperial German identification book (“Militarpass”) was issued in 1917 to Kanonier Johann Gebhardt III of the 6th Royal Bavarian Field Artillery (“Price Ferdinand of Bourlon, Duke of Calabria”) Regiment. In 1937 the Wehrpass was issued although, interestingly, the man’s first name name was now written as “Georg” and his last name was now spelled as “Gebhard”. However the Wehrpass contains entries reflecting the World War I service in the 6th Bavarian artillery regiment. Apparently Gebhard was eventually declared to be unfit for military service and he was “retired”.  Along with the Militarpass and Wehrpass is a 1943 dated “Ausmusterungsschein” document, or “Retirement Certificate”, which states that Gebhard had been found to be completely unfit for military service and he had retired. The Ausmusterungsschein and the Wehrpass both bear the same photograph of Gebhard. The documents show expected signs of age and use but they are in overall very good condition and they are complete and intact.