Untouched WWII Fixed Bale Front Seam M1 Combat Helmet with Front Stencil Designation


The exterior, cork infused, olive drab paint is approximately 60% intact. There are areas of surface rust to both the exterior and interior of the helmet shell. One of the chin strap bales is missing, as is the chin strap itself. The helmet has a series of vertical stress cracks to the rear. There is a stenciled designation on the front of the helmet shell. The left side of the helmet also has markings on it of an unknown nature, The liner is a Westinghouse model. The rear nape strap has torn on one side. One of the mounts for the internal leather headband has separated from the webbing. The liner lacks a chin strap. On the front of the liner is the rank insignia of an Army or Marine Corps Captain or a Navy Lieutenant. The entire helmet is in a completely untouched state.

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