Third Reich Police Dress Bayonet by Horster


A Third Reich Police dress bayonet that was manufactured by Horster prior to the Third Reich and which was shortened for wear during the Third Reich. The overall length is approximately 19 inches in the scabbard, with the bayonet having a blade length of 13 inches. The ricasso is marked on one side with the Horster monogram while, on the other side, the Horster name itself appears. The spine of the blade carries the proof mark. The blade was shortened and re-plated during the Third Reich, and the plating of the blade remains predominantly bright. It is somewhat duller on each side on the lower third of the blade, at least some of which appears to be due to old dirt and residue. The blade has a number of scratches as well as a tiny nick on both the cutting edge and on the spine. The stag grip plates are nicely toned and free of chips or cracks. An aluminum police eagle is set on to the obverse plate. The plates on both sides have two domed rivets which hold them in place. The grip plates, like the bayonet blade, were shortened during the Third Reich refurbishing process, and each of the grip plates has a very small partial hole near the crossguard from their placement on the bayonet in its earlier, longer, version. The scabbard is black leather, as worn by the municipal Schutzpolizei. Both the reverse of the upper scabbard fitting and the reverse of the bayonet crossguard have matching inventory numbers of “751”. The leather scabbard shows typical scuffs and spots, but the stitching is intact and the scabbard fittings are secure. The bayonet remains on its original suspension frog, also in black leather, The frog shows age and is somewhat dry, but it is complete. There is a faint manufacturer mark on the back of the frog which begins with “N.R.” and below which is the city name of Euskirchen in Germany.


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