Third Reich Police Bayonet by Carl Eichorn


A quite nice example of a Third Reich Police bayonet that, like most such pieces, was originally a longer Weimar Era police bayonet that was reduced in size. The blade is quite bright and it is the regulation 13 inches in length. It is marked by the manufacturer of Carl Eichorn with the firm’s well known squirrel trademark. The tip is needle-like and the plated blade is in overall very good condition, with some relatively minor spots and smudges on each side of the blade. The blade was certainly a product of length modification at the factory. The grip plates are in very fine condition, without cracks or chips and showing the typical light toning that comes with age. Set into the obverse grip is an aluminum police eagle which shows light wear that is characteristic of the aluminum insignia. The cross guard features very fine detailing of the oak leaves design. The pommel displays excellent detailing to the feathering and the overall design and details of the eagle head. The black leather scabbard has some scuffs that are common on these pieces as well as a small opening of the reverse seam that is about 3/4 of an inch long. The reverse of the scabbard throat fitting is marked “S.Me.II 376”. The abbreviation represents “Schutzpolizei Merseburg”, second precinct, item number 376. The reverse of the bayonet crossguard is marked “P.Md.360”, indicating that the bayonet was the property of the Hannoeversch-Muenden police school. It is well known that, when these bayonets were returned to the factory to be shortened, there was virtually no attention paid to putting the newly shortened bayonets back into the scabbards in which they had arrived. Both the back strap of the grip and the upper spine of the bayonet are stamped “M312”. Overall the bayonet is in very good used condition.

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