Souvenir Model 1916 Camouflage German Helmet


A Model 1916 German combat helmet that was mailed home from France by an American soldier. The helmet has a really impressive paint scheme of vertical stripes of green, reddish-brown, and golden brown, each divided by black stripes. The camouflage paint pattern is approximately 85% intact. Across the exterior dome of the helmet is the old, original mailing label that was used by the American solider to send this trophy home to his family in Pennsylvania. The writing is quite faint, but it was designated as “Officer’s Mail”. The chin strap is still present. The three interior liner pads are also present, but one has come completely loose and another is only partially attached to the liner ring. Both the chin strap and the liner pads are quite dry. On the interior of the rear skirt the number “195” was stenciled. The interior side of the helmet is impressed “Si.66”.