Signed WWII Japanese Army Officer Shin Gunto Sword


The sword has an overall length in the scabbard of approximately 40 inches with a blade length of approximately 25 inches. The blade appears to be generally bright overall, although exhibiting a film of old dried oil along both sides of the blade. The blade has a wavy temper line and some spots but it is without nicks, chips, or active rust. The tang shows red rust and it is signed. The signature is that of “Osamura Kiyonobu”, whose civil name was “Osamura Matsu’ichi”. He received his swordsmith license on April 30, 1941. The tsuba is the solid gilt style with cherry blossoms. The grip is covered in light ray skin, with a wrap in the traditional fashion in lighter green tape. Beneath the wrap on each side are the standard military menuki with three cherry blossoms. The officer who carried this sword apparently found that the grip was a bit loose, and so he cut a piece of colorful cardboard to fit the tang and he placed it inside the grip to tighten the fit. The scabbard retains most of its original light brown paint while exhibiting surface dirt and some rust.


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