Royal Army Pay Corps Officer Mess Dress Jacket


Period of Queen Elizabeth II, circa approximately 1960, very high quality red wool mess dress dinner jacket with stay-bright rank insignia on the shoulders of a Lieutenant Colonel. The interior of the jacket is lined in red silk. An interior pocket carries the tailor label of Conway Williams of London. The section of the label which would have borne the owner’s name has been removed. The lapels of the jacket display the brass insignia of the Royal Army Pay Corps. The left breast of the jacket has four thread loops for a long bar of miniature medals and decorations. There is minor moth tracking evident in a few spots, but the jacket is quite clean and impressive, with only a single tiny hole, smaller than the eraser on the end of a pencil, on the right sleeve. The left sleeve shows light indications of a small circular insignia insignia having been sewn to the sleeve at a point in the past.

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