Roold Pattern WWI Pilot Helmet


A very fine example of the World War I period pilot’s flying helmet that is generally referred to as the “Roold” pattern, after Roold of Paris who developed this style of flight helmet. This example has a domed cork body covered by panels of red-brown canvas. The same material is used for a protective neck drape and ear covering which is lined in off-white wool. Brass grommets are placed in the ear coverings to permit hearing. The ear coverings have buttons on one flap and a hole on the other to permit fastening beneath the chin, and the helmet also has a narrow black fabric chin strap to secure the helmet on the pilot’s head. There is some minor damage to the narrow fabric strip that surrounds the exterior crown of the helmet, but overall the helmet is in very good condition. This style of helmet can be seen in photographs of World War I aviators of France, England, Germany and the United States.
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