One Japanese Soldier’s Group of a Signed Personal Flag, Two 1,000 Stitch Belts, a 1,000 Stitch Flag, and a 1,000 Stitch Cap


The group consists of six cloth items of one Japanese soldier:

– A signed silk World War II personal “Good Luck” flag, approximately 20 inches by 26 inches, with scattered holes and spots. The flag has two reinforced corners with string ties.

– A cotton Japanese national flag, approximately 21 inches by 29 inches, with stains, tears and holes.

– A 1,000 stitch flag, on which the rising sun was created by the individual stitches, approximately 12-1/2 inches by 21 inches. The flag is quite clean, without stains or holes.

– A 1,000 stitch belt, approximately 44 inches long.

– A 1,000 stitch belt, approximately 35 inches long. Affixed to the belt is a folded paper bearing extensive writing in kanji.

-A scarce 1,000 stitch cap, bearing kanji on the top of the cap.


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