Oldenburg Infantry Regiment 91 Model 1871 Pickelhaube


A model 1871 pickelhaube for an NCO of Oldenburg Infantry Regiment 91.

The helmet is in very fine condition. The leather of the helmet shell, while it shows age, is smooth and very clean. This is also true of the front leather visor. The rear visor does show more evidence of age, with some “puckering” to the leather surface.

The impressive, 3 piece, Oldenburg helmet plate is secured to the body by the use of two threaded bolts which pass through two holes in the front of the helmet and are secured by nuts. The helmet body has only two holes in the front. The threaded bolt behind one wing of the eagle has separated from the back of the plate, but could be easily repaired if so desired. The plate is comprised of 3 parts, being the gilt brass eagle, the silver 8 pointed star, and the silver crest.

The brass spike is not removable. The brass chin scales show evidence of very old brass polish from long ago. The rear brass spine of the helmet is secured with hidden bolts inside of the helmet, a characteristic of the model 1871 pickelhaube. One stud which secures the front visor is missing its domed top.

The blue and red Oldenburg cockade appear to be a replacement that was made by painting an original old cockade with the Oldenburg colors.

The interior of the helmet shows use, but the liner is complete and intact.

The unit designation of “OJR91” for “Oldenburg Infantry Regiment 91” is impressed into the interior of the rear visor.

Overall a very impressive example of a scarce Imperial German pickelhaube.

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