Named WWII / Post War Merchant Marine Uniform Group


A uniform group comprised of the three uniforms, and three pieces of headgear, worn by S. J. Luczek, who served during World War II in the United States Merchant Marine and after the war as an officer in the United States Navy. The group is composed of the following items:

– Named WWII Merchant Marine Academy dress uniform, consisting of the dress tunic and trousers, named to Luczek and with the tunic displaying the bullion insignia of a U.S. Navy Reserve Officer as well as the Merchant Marine Atlantic War Zone Service ribbon.

– Liczek’s post World War II khaki wool uniform as a Navy Lieutenant, Junior Grade. The uniform is unnamed and is comprised of the tunic and trousers.

– Luczek’s named, post World War II blue wool uniform as a Lieutenant, Junior Grade, consisting of the jacket and trousers.

The group also includes three pieces of headgear:

– Luczek’s khaki visor cap as a cadet at the Merchant Marine Academy;

– Luczek’s white top visor cap as a United States Navy officer; and

– An olive green fiber pith helmet with the insignia of a U.S. Navy officer. The interior is named to Ensign S. J. Luczek and carries as well the designation of “U.S.S. Huntington (CL-107”. The Huntington was a light cruiser of the Fargo Class.

All of the items are in excellent condition.


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