Named WWII Japanese Hachimaki Headband Created by a Buddhist Monk


The cotton headband is approximately 33 inches long by 13 inches wide. The headband bears the very stylized handwritten kanji declaration of “Continued luck in the fortunes of war”, along with additional handwritten kanji and what appears to be an indistinct shrine stamp. This kanji bears the presentation of “For: Mr. Miyamoto Shigeo”, as well as the signature of the artist who prepared the headband: “Warm-Cloud Crying Moon”. Since it is a Zen tradition for monks’ names to have “cloud” as part of their name, and since the headband appears to bear an indistinct shrine stamp, it seems most likely that the headband was created for the owner by a Buddhist monk.  The headband shows typical soiling and signs of wear, but it is without holes or tears.

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