Named WWII 8th Air Force Bomb Disposal Unit / Air Crew Uniform Group


The group consists of the Class “A” uniform jacket, two olive drab wool shirts, and the necktie of Corporal Charles H. Dyott, who served in Europe with the 8th Air Force in the 754th Bombardment Squadron as both a qualified air crewman and as a member of one of the Army’s elite Ordnance Disposal Units (Of more than 8 million men and women who served in the United States Army during World War II, only something more than 2,000 men were trained as bomb disposal technicians and qualified to wear the distinctive “Bomb Disposal Unit” patch on their sleeves or their shirts). The Class “A” four pocket jacket is a size 39 regular. The collar displays a “U.S.” collar disk (screw back) and an Ordnance Corps collar disk (clutch back). The left shoulder displays the patch of the 1st Army Air Force, while the right “combat unit” shoulder displays the patch of the famed 8th Air Force. The sleeves have wool Corporal rank chevrons. The lower left sleeve has three overseas service stripes for 18 months service in Europe as well as an enlistment stripe. The lower right sleeve carries both the Army Air Force Ordnance Specialist patch as well as the Bomb Disposal Unit patch. Above the upper left pocket is a two place, plastic covered, ribbon bar with ribbons for the Army Good Conduct Medal and the European Campaign Medal with four large campaign stars. A “Ruptured Duck” discharge patch is above the right pocket. The jacket is exceptionally clean, without holes or stains. The group further includes Corporal Dyott’s two uniform shirts, size 15 1/2-33, both of which carry British-made wool 8th Air Force patches on the left shoulders. The front pockets of the shirts carry the Bomb Disposal Unit patch. The shirts have a few minor spots, and one patch has a very small hole, but overall the shirts are in very clean condition. Both shirts have Corporal Dyott’s name written inside of them as well as printed inside with a stencil. This stencil also includes his service number, although that is not entirely legible. Online research uncovered a World War II portrait photograph of Corporal Dyott that was published with his obituary. That photograph shows Corporal Dyott wearing the exact uniform jacket that is in this group. Interestingly, the photograph shows Corporal Dyott wearing the full size wings of an Army Air Force Aircrew member on his jacket, the wings having likely been removed when the jacket was at one time sent for cleaning and never replaced. This listing also includes images from online research which show members of Army Bomb Disposal Units in Europe, wearing the distinctive unit patches as pocket patches on their uniform shirts as well as on the sleeve of the uniform jacket.  A final photo shows men of an Army Air Force Bomb Disposal Unit examining a downed German V-1 rocket, reflective of the high risk duties that were carried out by the men of these units. Overall the group is in exceptionally clean condition and represents a scarce identified uniform of a member of an elite and obviously courageous group of men.


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