Named WWI Silver Star and New York 7th Regiment Medals and Insignia Group


The group is comprised of a Silver Star, split brooch suspension, with the reverse suspension marked by Bailey, Banks & Biddle of Philadelphia and with the edge numbered “7132”. The Silver Star is named to “Charles F. Swarthout”. The decoration is in excellent condition. The group includes a New York Medal for World War I Service, with the reverse numbered “1980”, on a slot brooch suspension with the ribbon showing wear; a large bronze 7th Regiment Faithful Service Medal with a “15 Years” service bar and a gilt “20 Years” service bar. The reverse is named to “Charles F. Swarthout” as Regimental Bugler. The medal is numbered “1643” and it is maker marked by Tiffany & Company. The group includes a miniature medal for the 150th anniversary of the New York 7th Regiment; a gilt engineer castle insignia with Phinney clutch fasteners; a gilt 7th Regiment hat badge; a World War I “USNG” collar disk and an infantry headquarters collar disk; a pair of 7th Infantry Regiment officer collar insignia by N.S. Meyer; and a pair of 107th Infantry Regiment officer collar insignia. The ribbon of the New York Medal for World War I Service shows wear. The ribbon of the 7th Regiment Faithful Service Medal is tattered.


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