Named Scrapbook of a 1930’s China Marine and World War II Pacific Veteran


The scrapbook is approximately 10-3/4 inches by 15 inches. The scrapbook is named to “J.A. Stumpner”, who enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in 1934. He served in the Corps in China before the war, and in the Pacific Theater during the war as a member of the 5th Marine Division, and he continued to serve in the Corps after the Second World War. The scrapbook contains numerous clippings and pieces of ephemera relating to the Marines in China, both at the American Legation in Beijing (referred to in the documents as “Peiping”), and in Shanghai. A number of documents in the scrapbook (such as the “Christmas Greetings” document from the Commanding Officer of the Marine Detachment at the American Legation) contains Stumpner’s name as a member of the detachment. Along with several documents that relate directly to Stumpner’s service, such as the 1945 recommendation for his promotion to Gunnery Sergeant, the scrapbook contains materials relating to sporting and service activities in China. The scrapbook also contains a program for the dedication of the Marine Corps Memorial in Arlington, Virginia, in 1954. The album and the contents show expected signs of age.

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