Named Presentation M1860 Staff & Field Officer Sword


1890’s period sword, manufacturer marked on the ricasso by the Lilly Company. The sword has an overall length of in the scabbard of approximately 38 inches, with a blade length of 30 inches. The grip is sharkskin wrapped with twisted wire. The pommel displays an American eagle, as does the pieced guard of one side. The opposite side has a folding pierced guard with a “US” emblem. The pommel, knuckle bow, and guards all have a toned fire gilt finish that remains largely intact. The blade is etched with gilt designs on both sides, to include a panoply of arms, and American eagle, and the name of “Ben T. Hargan”, with the gilt embellishments being largely intact. The scabbard has a dark smooth finish with decorated scabbard rings and drag.

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