Named Japanese Army Second Lieutenant Tunic and Breeches Uniform Set


The olive green wool tunic is very clean, showing signs of actual wear and use but being without stains, holes or damage. The collar carries the rank tabs of a Second Lieutenant of the Japanese Army. Above the left upper pocket is a three place ribbon bar with the ribbons for the Order of the Rising Sun, the China Incident War Medal, and the Japanese Red Cross Medal. Each of the sleeve cuffs have rank braid and a bullion star. The white cotton liner is in place inside of the tunic collar. The interior lining is fully intact and it bears a label with handwritten kanji, likely the name of the officer who owned the uniform. The breeches are tailored from matching olive green wool. The breeches show signs of wear and have some scattered holes. All of the closure buttons are present. Overall the uniform makes a very good appearance.

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