Named 499th Aero Squadron Staff Sergeant’s Uniform


The uniform of Staff Sergeant William Grubb of the 499th Aero Squadron, comprised of his tunic, breeches, and overseas cap, together with his dog tags and a small notebook in which he recorded his places of service in World War I, from enlistment to discharge.
The tunic is very clean, with a multi-piece wool and embroidered shoulder patch for the 499th Aero Squadron; “US” and Air Service collar disks; a discharge stripe and a single blue overseas stripe on the left sleeve; and a staff sergeant chevron on the right sleeve. The cloth contractor’s tag is present in the skirt of the lining. The name “Grubb” is written in the neck area of the lining. There is a set of hooks and eyes at the collar, and one “eye” loop is missing.
The breeches have several holes in them from wear. The overseas cap has an air service disk placed on it and, like the tunic, is very clean.

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