Named 1944 Dated Australian Made Ike Jacket & Shirt


Olive wool Australian made Ike jacket, or “Battle Dress” jacket, made for American Army troops. The interior tag is marked as a size 36 regular and dated 1944. The name “Miller” is written next to the broad arrow acceptance mark.
The left shoulder has the patch of the Army Service Forces (the “Army Service Forces” were created in 1942, and brought together elements of five different components of the Army: elements of the War Department General Staff; the Office of the Under Secretary of War; the eight administrative bureaus; the nine corps areas, which became the service commands; and the six supply arms and services, which became known as the technical services. The Army Corps of Engineers was a part of the Army Service Forces). On the right “combat service” shoulder is the patch of the U.S. Army forces in the southwest Pacific area. The collar has “U.S.” and Corps off Engineer collar disks. Both sleeves have sergeant stripes, while two overseas service hash marks are on the lower left sleeve. There is a shooting badge with “Rifle” bar and two pin back ribbon bars for combat service in the Pacific, including the liberation of the Philippines. The “Ruptured Duck” discharge patch is on the right breast, while the discharge lapel pin is in the lapel buttonhole. In the breast pocket were found extra sergeant stripes and a receipt for a photocopy of the soldier’s discharge. The group also includes an Australian made shirt.
Both the shirt and the jacket are in very good condition.

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