Named 1937 Pattern U.S. Army Blue Denim Duffle Bag with Painted 78th Division Insignia


Blue denim U.S. Army duffle bag of the 1937 pre-war pattern. One side has cloth tags sewn to it which appear to have a very faint name and address written on them. The opposite side is painted with the insignia of the 78th Infantry Division and the name “Sgt. O. Sedam” along with the designation of Battery “F” of the 308th Field Artillery Regiment. The website of World War II U.S. Army Enlistment Records provides the name of only one soldier named “Sedam” with a first name beginning with an “O”, and this was Oran E. Sedam from Sedgwick, Kansas, service number 38700495. The bag is in overall very good condition, with an intact drawstring, and with a few small holes in the base.

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