Named 1914 Iron Cross 1st Class with Award Document


The Iron Cross has very good paint on the iron core showing the typical signs of age on the obverse and missing the pin on the reverse. The silver back is manufacturer marked with the “KO” designation of the Royal Prussian Mint (“Konigliches Munzamt Orden”). The center of the cross back is well engraved with the last name of the recipient and the date of the award: “Ohrt 23. III. 18.”, indicating an award date of March 23, 1918. The decoration is accompanied by the large award document, approximately 8 inches by 13 inches. The document bears Ohrt’s name as the recipient, with a rank of Hauptmann (Captain) and the date of award as March 23, 1918, while he was serving in the 213th Reserve Infantry Regiment of the 207th Infantry Division. The document has fold lines but it is complete, intact, and in overall excellent condition. The medal and document are accompanied by a narrow veteran’s sash in green, white and black, embroidered in gold bullion with the declaration “Recht geht vor Macht!” (“Might makes Right!”). The sash is about 1 inch wide and 39 inches long, with an adjustable length using a cuff link style button closure in any one of several holes.

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