Model 1913 Enfield Bayonet by Remington in M17 Scabbard


A Model 1913 bayonet for the British Enfield rifle, manufactured by Remington in the United States under a contract from the British Government. The ricasso is marked on one side with “1913” and “3 17” together with the Remington mark, while the opposite side bears the British Government broad arrow mark over a crown, an inspector’s mark, and an “A” for “America”. The wood grips have indentations from use and there is a small chip at the base on one side. There are no cracks or splits in the grips, although the initials “AC” were carved into the grip on one side. The pommel and guard are somewhat gray in appearance while the blade is relatively bright and free of nicks, chips, or active rust. The US Model 1917 scabbard displays about 60% green paint on the leather body, steel fittings about 60% black paint. The scabbard is in very good condition with tight seam.

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