Marine-SA EM/NCO’S Visor Cap


Very nice quality, private purchase navy blue doeskin cap with black horizontally ribbed rayon centerband. Cap crown edge and top and bottom edges of the centerband are piped in the same navy blue doeskin as the rest of the cap. Internal wire stiffener has been removed but interior padding retains the caps shape. Cap has a gilt washed, 1938 pattern, stamped alloy, left facing, national eagle situated to front center. Front center of centerband has a second pattern, stamped alloy, army style oak-leaf wreath with a gilt wash. Opened top wreath encompasses a unique three piece national tr-color cockade with fluted black base, silvered roundel with stylized cut-out SA runes to center and red felt centerpiece. National eagle and oak-leaf wreath both retain all of their gilt finish which is still quite bright. Cap has a blackened leather chinstrap with a central metal joining clip and two sliding length adjustment buckles. Chinstrap is attached to cap by two small gilt washed, pebbled sheet metal buttons. Black vulcanfibre visor with raised lip near forward edge shows minimal age grazing. Interior of cap fully lined in a combination of tan cheesecloth and brushed tan rayon. Clear celluloid sweatband to interior crown fully intact with silvered impressed script underneath. Script includes manufacturers name and address, “A. Lang Darmstadt”. Crown lining also has inkstamped owners name, “Mller”. Tan alkor sweatband is fully intact but quite stiff. Bottom edge of visor has pencilled on size that appears to be, “58 1/2″. Cap in overall excellent condition with no damage. Of Note: The national eagle utilized on this cap was originally introduced in this form in 1937, but was only issued in silver until 1938. As with the regular SA the power and influence of the Marine-SA depreciated during the war.”
The first Marine-SA unit was formed in Hamburg in 1930 as a component of the regular SA but with distinctive identifying blue uniforms and visor caps. After its inception additional Marine-SA units were raised in various SA-Gruppes and in 1934 the Marine-SA units were granted status as an independent organization within the framework of the SA. Between 1930 and 1938 the insignia on the Marine-SA visor cap went through five variations until a final version was introduced in May 1938, and utilized until the end of the war.

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