Magnificent German Sterling Silver Chess Set


Magnificent 32 pieces chess set is made, circa 1900-1910 in Germany for export to England. The figures made out of sterling silver and gold washed sterling silver. “Knights and Ladies” set consisting of detailed pieces with hand carved bone faces and hands, gemstones, sterling and gilt details. Hallmarks read “I.F. & Son (Israel Freeman), sterling, 925 and Germany. The rook is 6.8ozt, knight is 8.5ozt, pawn 4.4ozt, bishop is 7.2ozt, queen is 7 ozt and the King is 11.1ozt. Totaling approx. 196.6 ozt Includes complementing board. King measures 7.25″h and board is 25.25” square.  The identical chess set was sold for $62,500 at Sotheby’s in New York on 15th April 2011.


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