Large Named Korean War Combat Infantryman Uniform, Medals, Insignia and “Pin Up” Painted Bag Group


A large group comprised of the uniform (Ike jacket, trousers and two wool shirts), medals and insignia of U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Robert P. Laverdiere, who served in combat in Korea as an infantryman with the 3rd Infantry Division. The group also includes¬† Laverdiere’s large named travel bag which is painted on both sides, one side being a large rendition of a Petty Pin Up girl. The group includes the following items:

– Lavadiere’s uniform, consisting of the Ike jacket in size 36 Regular, with an internal pocket Quartermaster tag bearing a pattern date of May, 1946. The jacket has “U.S.” and infantry collar disks. On the sleeves are the short lived smaller chevrons for a Staff Sergeant, with blue stripes on a gold base, reflecting service in a combat unit. On the left shoulder is the patch of the 1st Army, while the patch of the 3rd Infantry Division is on the right, or “combat unit”, shoulder. The uniform also includes the matching wool trousers, pattern of December, 1945, in size 29 x 33. Also included are two olive green wool enlisted shirts, each bearing the same rank chevrons and shoulder patches as the Ike jacket. The uniform and shirts are all in excellent condition, having been stored in the travel bag since the time in 1954 that Laverdiere left the Army.

– A large group of Laverdiere’s patches, insignia and medals. Many of these were affixed to a display board and will be removed for shipping. The medals consist of the local medal for Korean War Service from Leominster, Massachusetts, as well as the medals for post-World War II and Korean War service which include the named Army Good Conduct Medal, the World War II Victory Medal, the Army of Occupation Medal with “Asia” bar, the Korean War Campaign Medal, the National Defense Medal, and the medals from the Republic of Korea and the United Nations for Korean War service. All of the medals (with the exception of the local Massachusetts medal) are US Government examples that were issued some time circa the 1980’s or later, with the medals having the lacquered planchets of the medals issued in that period.¬† There is also a Combat Infantry Badge from that same re-issue period. This insignia group further includes an impressive theater made example of the Presidential Unit Citation in purple enamel; one of Laverdiere’s dog tags; his Armed Forces Identification Cad, issued 30 July 1951; a pair of enamel distinctive insignia for the 3rd Division and a pair of distinctive insignia for the 7th Infantry Regiment; a fourragere for the French Croix de Guerre; a name badge with Lavrdiere’s name in both English and Chinese, with a Chinese military badge affixed; and four additional Chinese military badges from the Republic of China (Taiwan), one of which is on its original backing card.

– The group further includes Lavrdiere’s large military travel bag, painted on both sides. One side features a “Petty Girl” while the other sides features images of Japan. Attached to the travel bag handle is a luggage sorting tag from the airport in Tapei, Taiwan, in the Republic of China.¬† The bag sows wear and use but it is i overall very good used condition.

– The group also includes a large US. Army unit photograph from March of 1946 which includes Lavrdiere. The photograph shows effects of rolling and storage with some creases and chips, being approximately 10 by 26 inches in size. There is also a khaki topped enlisted service visor cap, size 6 3/4, with Lavrdiere’s laundry mark written beneath the sweatband.

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