Imperial German Train Battalion Officer Visor Cap


The cap is constructed with a dark blue wool body, a light blue cap band, and light blue piping. The front of the cap displays officer quality cockades in both the national and Prussian colors. The black leather visor surface shows typical fine age crazing. The front seam on the cap peak has separated just above the national colors cockade, and there is a hole in the dark blue wool behind the cockade which results in the cockade being loose on the peak. The cockade placement conceals the hole in the wool behind it. The light blue cap band shows soiling. The cap band also exhibits some tracking, and there are several scattered holes on the bottom edge of the cap. The interior of the cap shows use. The interior lining bears the silver imprint of a uniform retailer in Furth. The lining also has an inked area that was apparently used to cover a mark or notation, and the lining also has what is presumably an inventory stamp of “To141”.


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