Imperial German Named 25th (1st Grand Ducal Hessian) Field Artillery Sword


The sword has an overall length in the scabbard of approximately 40 inches, with a blade length of approximately 34 inches. The blade is quite bright, with etched designs on the spine and on both sides of the blade for about one third of the blade’s length. One side of the blade exhibits etched panoplies of arms and the Royal Hessian cypher, while the opposite side of the blade bears a panel with the etched designation of Hessian Field Artillery Regiment Number 25. The leather washer remains in place at the top of the blade. The langet also displays the Royal Hessian cypher, while theĀ  langet on the opposite side bears the engraved name of “P. Wilhelm”. The grip is covered in sharkskin and triple wrapped with wire. The steel scabbard has quite a few spots of lost plating. The sword shows some loss of plating on the pommel, back strap, and guard, but the large sword remains impressive both in size and in the striking appearance of the blade.

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