Imperial Artillery Triple Etched Lion Head Sword


An uncleaned Imperial German lion head artillery officer sword with a triple etched blade in an uncleaned state. The overall length of the sword in the scabbard is approximately 38 1/2 inches with a blade length of 33 inches. The pommel is the jawless lion head style. The langet features crossed artillery tubes. The back of the guard is decorated with a panoply of arms and the backstrap features a floral design. The blade is etched with decorative scrolls and the panoply of arms motif. The blade is generally bright, with some age smudges and some spots showing a loss of the plating. The grip is sharkskin, which shows only some minor scuffing. The grip is triple wrapped with wire, which is slightly loose in one or two places, but which is unbroken and complete. Overall the sword is in very good untouched condition.

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