Identified WWII Silver Star / Purple Heart Medals and Documents Group


The group reflects the valor and service of Sergeant Archie Cichran of the 245th Combat Engineer Battalion. The group is comprised of the following items:

-Cased numbered Silver Star decoration set. The titled case contains the numbered slot brooch Silver Star, unnamed as awarded in the theater of operations, enamel lapel badge, and extra length of ribbon;

-Cased Purple Heart decoration set. The titled case contains the slot brooch Purple Heart, unnamed as awarded in the theater of operations, enamel lapel badge, ribbon bar, and an extra length of ribbon;

-The typed field citation for the Silver Star, awarded for valor in 1945;

-Two pin back, plastic covered ribbon bars;

-A “U.S.” collar disc and a “Ruptured Duck” discharge lapel badge;

-A leather wallet with embossed American eagle and a combined leather wallet and change purse.

Documents and other materials include:

-A miniature U.S. Army discharge, which reflects the award of both the Silver Star and Purple Heart;

-A laminated photograph of a woman;

-Cochran’s wallet sized Draft Registration Card, a portion of one end being missing;

-An ETO Ration Card;

-An October, 1945, driving permit;

-A July, 1944 document from the Headquarters of the battalion designating Cochran as being promoted from Corporal to Sergeant; and

-A February, 1945 document from battalion headquarters listing Cochran as having been decorated with the Purple Heart for a wound received on 9 February, 1945, in Germany.

The group also includes two garrison caps. One is unpiped and has Cochran’s full name and service number inside. The other garrison cap has the red and white piping of the Corps of Engineers. Inside the cap is written Cochran’s name and laundry mark.

All of the items are in very good condition. The medals are in excellent condition.



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