Identified Luftwaffe Flak Unit Photograph Album and Scrapbook – North Africa & Italy


The album is approximately8-1/2 inches by 12-1/2 inches. The album has cloth covers, with the front cover bearing an Art Deco design and the applied metal title of “Meine Dienstzeit”. The album was assembled by Luftwaffe Obergefreiten Hans Wolfgang Queck of Flak Regiment 42. The album contains approximately 133 photographs, most of which bear captions, as well as a variety of documents, including the award document for the 1939 Iron Cross, Second Class, which is dated March 30, 1945. The album is complete, and the photographs cover both Queck’s military service, his family and friends, and the locales in which he served, including North Africa and Italy. Also within the album is Queck’s discharge from military service, dated in June of 1945.



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