Identified Gulf War U.S. Air Force Officer Insignia Group


The group includes a set of Second Lieutenant rank bars on an N.S. Meyer card, with one bar engraved “D.M.” and the other engraved “Ross”.  The group further includes three sets of ribbons (one of which has no clutch fastener posts), all three of which contain the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal and one of which includes that ribbon for the Gulf War with two campaign stars. The Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal is awarded for participation in overseas U.S. military operations; or in U.S. military operations in direct support of the United Nations; or in U.S. operations of assistance for friendly foreign nations. The medal shall be awarded only for operations for which no other U.S. campaign medal is approved, and where a foreign armed opposition or imminent threat of hostile action was encountered. The group further includes a single Second Lieutenant rank bar; a set of First Lieutenant rank insignia on the retailer card; a single clutch back Major’s rank insignia and three Major’s insignia sealed in plastic for wear on a flight jacket; a single cloth Major’s slip on shoulder strap and a pair of Lieutenant Colonel’s slip on shoulder straps; clutch back paratrooper wings; an “Air Force” key chain; an AWACS aircraft lapel badge; and a brass letter opener in the shape of a sword and bearing the designation of “Saudi Arabia” on the handle (although the blade is marked “Pakistan” as the country of manufacture); and a NATO AWACS sticker. The items are in very good condition.


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