German Shooting Association Cutlass by Eickhorn


A Third Reich period cutlass of the German Shooting Association (the Deutscher Schutzen Verband). The cutlass has an overall length of approximately 21 1/2 inches when within the scabbard. The celluloid grip bears the gilt crossed rifle insignia of the shooting association. The fluted celluloid grip has a crack that runs around the grip, such cracks being typical on the shooting association cutlasses as a result of the fact that the grip was made of celluloid over wood and was prone to cracking as the wood shrank with age. The nickel plating on the pommel cap, the ferrule, the crossguard and the upper scabbard fitting is in excellent condition. The clamshell guard has a relief leaf design and the enamel insignia of the shooting association, displaying an eagle, target, and swastikas. The blade is etched on both sides with designs including hunting and shooting motifs. The ricasso bears the Eickhorn squirrel mark. One side of the lower scabbard fitting has some surface corrosion.

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