Early Group Marked SA Service Dagger by Albert Dorschel


The fittings of the dagger and the scabbard are in an uncleaned and untouched state. The blade is mirror bright, with typical runner marks. There is no burnishing left in the motto. The trademark of the Dorschel firm is on the reverse ricasso. The reverse lower guard is marked to SA Group Niederrhein. The grip is a medium brown and, while it shows minor carrying indentations, it is without chips or cracks. The nickel grip eagle is dark with patina and shows fine detail. The enamel SA runes button shows some chips. The carrying ring is missing from the upper scabbard fitting. The ball at the base of the lower scabbard fitting is dented. The finish of the anodized scabbard is largely intact, though showing wear and age. The dagger is tight within the scabbard.

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