Double Marked Hitler Youth Dagger by Carl Eickhorn / RZM M7/66


The blade of the dagger is without chips, nicks, or active rust, with typical runner marks and scattered spots and minor pitting. One side of the the blade bears the name and squirrel trademark of the Carl Eickhorn firm. The blade is also marked RZM M7/66, while the ricaso bears the date of “41”. The black Bakelite grips are free of chips or cracks. The enamel Hitler Youth grip insignia shows some minor scratches and surface dirt, but it is without chips. The plating on the pommel and guard shows age patina and speckling but it is intact. The scabbard paint shows wear, and it is approximately 50 percent intact. The leather belt hanger has a period reinforcement that was accomplished through the riveting of an additional strip of leather to the hanger.  Overall the dagger is in good condition.

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