Double Marked 1939 SA Service Dagger by Klittermann & Moog RZM M7/29


The blade is dirty and has a mottled gray appearance, along with typical runner marks and some scratches. The acid etched “Alles fur Deutschland” motto lacks most of its burnishing. The reverse ricasso bears the mark of the firm of Klitterman & Moog of Solingen, together with that firm’s RZM code of “M7/29-1939” . The grip is a medium reddish brown and it is without cracks or chips, with only some tiny typical indentations from carrying wear. The grip eagle is the nickel variety and it retains very good detail. The enamel SA button shows verdigris at the edges but it is without chips. The guards fit the grip very well and they have a nice patina without loss of plating. The finish of the brown anodized scabbard shows wear and some surface corrosion of the finish which gives it a matte and mottled appearance.

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