Boxed Award Document for Order of the Sacred Treasure


Large award document for the Order of the Sacred Treasure, 6th Class. The document accompanied the award to Army logistics officer Captain [Senior Seven Court Rank] Okajima Saburo. The document is dated November 30, 1905, making this almost certainly an award for service in the Russo-Japanese War, which had ended in September of 1905. The label on the box states that it is Diploma, or award document, #104,817, for Order of the Sacred Treasure 6th Class. The document is approximately 17 3/4 by 23 inches, and is rolled and contained within its original wooden presentation box with the identifying label on the lid. The document carries a full color engraving of the Order of the Sacred Treasure at the bottom. The document is in excellent condition. The wooden case shows wear, but is in very good condition.