Army Officer Panther Head Sword by Puma


The sword has an overall length of approximately 38 inches, with a blade length of 31 1/2 inches. The langet features an open winged eagle with the eagle facing to the viewer’s right, while the guard, back strap and ferrule feature an extensive oak leaf design. The pommel is a finely detailed panther head with red glass eyes. The entire sword hilt displays fine hand enhancement, with even the pommel screw having been detailed by hand to blend it in with the panther’s fur. The gilt finish has taken on a muted patina but it appears almost entirely intact, with some wear on the high spots. The celluloid grip is free of chips or cracks and the triple wrapped wire on the grip is tight and unbroken. The blade bears the Puma firm name and logo and is quite bright. The black scabbard paint is approximately 95% intact, with the primary loss being on the carrying ring. Overall excellent condition.

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