1942 U.S. Army Jungle Pack


The pack has some spots and other signs of use, but it is complete and in very good condition. A description of the pack is found on the excellent reference website “olivedrab.com”:

“The Jungle Pack consisted of a rain-proof pouch attached to webbing straps, similar to the straps used with the U.S. Army Haversack, M-1928. The pouch was large enough to carry a sizeable load and could be adjusted in size by using web straps attached for that purpose. It closed at the top with a cord and was covered with a rain-proof flap. On top of the flap was a small zipper-opening pouch for canteen, medical kit, and other small articles. The main pouch was intended for carrying the jungle hammock, rations and spare clothing. Separate waterproof bags kept the contents dry and aided in buoyancy when swimming. Other straps on the outside provided for attachment of a blanket roll or poncho while grommet tabs were provided for an intrenching tool or bayonet. On the top of the smaller pouch there were webbing loops for holding grass and leaves for camouflage purposes.”

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