1938 Third Reich Cavalry Regiment 18 Stein


A 1/2 liter stein bearing the designation of the Regimental Staff of Cavalry Regiment 18 in Stuttgart. The central section of the stein displays the “Munich Child” above images of horses and the tools of a farrier. The stein is named to “Gefreiter Seiler Wilhelm” and bears the declaration of “Erinnerung a.d. 83 Lehrkurs der Heeres Lehrschmiede Munchen”, or “In memory of army instruction course 83 in Munich”, with the dates of April 1, 1938 to July 30, 1938. The central image on the front is flanked by an image of a cavalry horse with soldiers in the stables, and an iron forge (presumably where horseshoes were manufactured). The images on the stein suggest that Gefreiter Wilhelm took part on an Army training course in 1938 in Munich that was devoted to the care and equipping of horses. Despite the well known images and accounts of “blitzkrieg” warfare, with armored tanks in the lead, the fact is that the German Army in World War II was heavily reliant upon horse for transportation and supply, including for the movement of artillery. As such, it is not surprising that the army had specific training courses for army personnel in horse care and equipping. The stein has a mounted cavalryman finial and a lithopane depicting a man being served a beer. Overall excellent condition.
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