1920 USS Tennessee Marine Corps Photo Album


7 1/4 by 11 1/2 by 1 inch thick. The cover carries the printed designation of “Pictorial Log USS Tennessee”. The album was obviously assembled by a member of the U.S. Marine Guard contingent on the battleship Tennessee in 1920. The inside cover bears a “Devil Dog U.S. Marine” sticker. The album contains approximately 173 black and white photographs of various sizes. They include a few personal photos, but the vast majority of the photographs show U.S. Marines, with a variety of uniforms being worn, including dress blues, the green wool uniform, and the khaki cotton uniform. There are photos of other ships at sea, including the battleship Arizona. And there is a great, large photo that shows the entire Marine detail assigned to the Tennessee. One page of the album has come loose, but overall the album is complete and intact with a variety of interesting pictures.

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