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Uniform and Insignia Group to Admiral Richard Byrd
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This group was on display at the Smithsonian Institution until Admiral Byrds death, after which his family retrieved the collection and sold it. The group consists of; Commanders blue tunic, named in the pocket "Richard Byrd", wings marked BB&B Bronze, taylor label "Geo Harrison Paris"; Matching trousers; Tin Smoke Grenade measuring 7", paper Smithsonian Label; Commission to "Richard E. Byrd Jr, signed by President Taft - signature is faded; Canvas covered box measuring 8" X 20" X 19" high, canvas painted "U.S. Mail" Seapost No 5776, Bark City of New York Byrd Antarctic Expedition", with Smithsonian hang tag. ; Seal Fur Parka with interior label which reads "Litman Reindeer Corporation Nome Alaska", Smithsonian label reads "Admiral Byrd Personal Property", Byrd Parka Antarctic Expedition"; Photograph of Byrd in uniform signed "Richard Byrd", measures 5" X6 "; Framed photo Mrs Byrd which measures 8 1/4" X 13"; Photo of Byrd wearing parka, measures 3" X 4 1/2" with clipped signature; 8 1/2" X 10 1/2" photo of Lieutenant Commander Byrd receiving the Medal of Honor; Pair of seal fur mittens; 2 Pairs of bear fur mittens; Insignia to include; Pair Lt Cmdr shoulder boards, pair pin back shirt sized Admirals stars; pair shirt sized clutch back Admirals stars; pair full size stars, back marked "sterling"; pair shirt sized stars back marked sterling. 3 gold bullion wings each measuring 3"; Silver cased frame with engraved initials "REB",interior with a faded baby picture.
Bronze medal presented by the City of Boston in 1930, measures 3 5/8" X 2 5/8"; WWI City of Winchester and Frederick Co medal; Sterling USN officers hat badge; 3 clutch back Navy Pilot wings which measure 2 3/4", back marked "Vanguard, 1/20 10K on Ster"; USN Pilot wing measuring 2 3/4", back marked "Amico Ster + 1/20 10K"; WWI 1 3/4" shirt sized Navy Pilot wing; Portuguese order of Avis breast order, cased by Frederico De Costa in Lisbon and maker marked on reverse 3 1/2", with presentation certificate.