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WWII Named / Unit Marked Japanese Army Octopus Pack
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Olive green Octopus pack with all straps intact. The pack shows extensive field use but is in overall good condition. Some of the straps are frayed but they remain present and complete. One small strap beneath the cover has become detached on one side but remains firmly in place and could easily be restitched on the one side. The soldier who carried the pack stitched a large piece of white cloth onto one of the straps on which there is extensive handwritten kanji which provides his unit, his home, and his name: "Former Independent Izumi Battalion, Independent Infantry Battalion 485; Miyage Prefecture; Satoh Kikuji [his name]". The large issue stamp is present on the underside of the cover flap, which has an additional large kanji stamp on top of it, which is apparently an abbreviation of the owner's name using the first kanji of his surname and his given name.